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Conduct all your Internet Banking transactions on the Internet in a safe and secure environment. Access Savings Credit Union Bank uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is the highest level of security commercially available.

Plus, a host of internal control measures and processes ensure that your transactions remain confidential.

While Internet Banking is essentially an additional banking channel that we offer our customers for their convenience, Access Savings Credit Union has assessed the risk from the operational as well as from a technology and security perspective.Some of the risks that we have considered are mentioned below:

Authentication of Transaction by the customer is a key risk area from an operational perspective. As a precautionary measure, we have installed a multi-level process, whereby customers can perform Internet Banking transactions only if they are valid account holders, and then by using a combination of a unique Customer ID, and a unique randomly generated password known only to the customer which he can change to his/her convenience. The onus of maintaining the confidentiality of the password is on the customer. Further, customers can only do financial transactions between accounts where they already possess normal operational rights.

Repudiation of transaction by the customer is another risk that has been identified. However, customers can log in only by using a unique combination of Customer ID and Password, after which transactions can be carried out. The Bank has already implemented 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of security commercially available.

From a technology perspective , we have ensured that we use the best available technology for security/ protection. We use 128-bit SSL, and have various levels of security to ensure that unauthorized access is not possible. We have a dedicated team that supervises the banking systems, 24x7 in our data center.

The operational and internal control measures we have in Internet Banking include:

Access to InterInternet Banking provided only based on application and valid customer ID. Internet Banking password - issued to customers only on specific request.

The password - generated using an internationally validated algorithm and printed on tamper-proof stationery.

Access to customer information - given based on a combination of a unique Customer ID and password.

Therefore, a customer can access account information only on those accounts where he has a relationship with the bank (Account Holder). Wherever, the customer has opted to avail the third party fund transfer services of the Bank, bank provides a window for transfer of funds to any account holder within the bank and who does not share any relationship with the customer's account. All correspondence on account of transactions originating from Internet Banking is sent to the customer's address registered with the Bank and not to any third party address. Account related customer information or instructions which are confidential in nature are not solicited / accepted over email. Customer logins and activities are tracked and the same are available for future investigation.

Access Savings Credit Union follows a strict policy of Backup, Storage and Retrieval for all its systems, which includes Internet Banking.