Public Sector And Institutional Banking

The department is responsible for initiating and establishing banking relationships with players in the Public Sector and Institutional banking space.  

The Public Sector team serves the needs of institutions such as Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Asian and Middle East businesses in Europe. The Institutional Banking team drives Access Savings Credit Union’s relationship with Parastatals, Finances Houses, Insurance Companies, Savings & Loans Companies and other Non-bank Finance companies

We draw on a deep knowledge of our clients' businesses and our own in-depth industry research to develop sustainable and tailor- made products and services for our clients.

Composition of the Department

 The department has the following Strategic desks managed by Heads of Desk, Relationship managers and Relationship Officers:

  1. Government Businesses & Agencies Desk
  2. Parastatals Desk
  3. Non-Banking Financial Institutions Desk
  4. Asia & Middle East Desk

The team is lead by the Director of the Department.

Some of the services readily offered by the dep artment include:

Cash Management i.e. Corporate Current account, Call account, Time Deposits

Collections/Payment Facilitation

International Trade Services and Finance

Structured Term Loans / Bridge Finance

Overdraft Facilities