Public Sector & Institutional Banking

Access Online Savings Credit, offers quick and convenient remittance services at competitive rates for both individuals and businesses. Limited Bank's state-of-the-art technology and funds transfer capabilities around the world ensure timely transfers. Remittances are available in USD, and other major currencies.

 Domestic Funds Transfer

You can transfer funds within the United States and across the world using SWIFT, ACH or Fedwire.

International Funds Transfer

You can transfer funds across the world using SWIFT / wire transfers at nominal charges.

USD – Rupee Transfer

The treasury desk at Access Savings Credit Union, offers competitive USD - INR exchange rates. These are available at

Exchange Rates

Get pre-intimated exchange rates, which keep you informed about the amount being remitted.

Wider Reach for Remittances to India.

Funds will be transferred to any bank account in the world, from which your beneficiary can withdraw money using the branch/ATM network of Access Online Savings Credit or other banks. If required, bank drafts can be sent at an additional charge.


You can initiate a remittance through Internet Banking (businesses only), e-mail, fax or by visiting Access Savings Credit Union.

Pre-intimated exchange rates at the time of the transaction can now be given on the basis of your requirement

Public Sector And Institutional Banking

The department is responsible for initiating and establishing banking relationships with players in the Public Sector and Institutional banking space.  

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