Products & Services

Specializing in document sign up, explanation and collection services Collect a Case offers home visit appointments to a wide variety of companies spanning the financial, legal and claims management sectors. Our tailored services have helped individuals and companies dramatically increase their success and in doing so reduced costs victims globally. Specializing in legal support services, collect a Case act as a professional and impartial extension to your legal Claims.
The Legal Services industry has continued to grow despite the current economic climate. However, competition remains fierce, especially in the claims management sector, and any delay in capturing a client can give the competition first mover advantage. This makes it all the more important to secure your client at the earliest opportunity, which can be a challenge when they are located abroad.
At Collect a Case we help you overcome these time and cost challenges. We can send representatives to act on behalf our clients when it maybe more economical to do so, all the while ensuring timely and accurate completion of paperwork on any custodial with us; such as funds, gold, silver, diamond etc.
All agents of Collect a Case will present themselves in a professional manner and assist in the explanation and completion, After the Event Insurance Policy or many other Legal Documents.
We only use Local and international agents to your client who have experience in conducting themselves in a professional manner as you would expect your client to be dealt with by its staff. The majority of our National networks are from a financial services background however we do also use other professionals such as retired police officers and insurance assessors