Non-Resident Account


  • Targeted at foreign resident abroad
  • Inflows at the discretion of the customer
  • Cheque book provision
  • Account denominated in Euro, US Dollar and the Pound Sterling
  • No monthly Service Charges
  • Access to our complete suite of E-banking Products
  • Access to our Safe Deposit Boxes - The only one in the Country
  • Diamond Club Access
  • Gold Card Holder
  • Dedicated Relationship Officer


  • Better and Easier Way to Make Payments
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Convenience (banking transactions within and outside of the bank)
  • Storage of valuable items which are very difficult to replace (safe deposit boxes)
  • Interest earned on Balances
  • Access to Accounts 24/7
  • Cost Effective Account Operation

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a resident abroad and either schooling or working
  • A foreigner who has marital relations with a Europian and can provide evidence in the form of a marriage certificate
  • A foreigner of Europian parentage and can provide evidence in the form of birth certificate


  • Fully completed and signed account application form
  • Two passport photographs
  • Identification document of signatory / signatories - Passport, etc
  • Address verification document of signatory / signatories - Utility bill, etc
  • Submission of birth certificate
  • Submission of marriage certificate