The goal of Access Savings Credit Union Financial Inclusion’s Microfinance unit is to become the banker of choice for financial intermediaries that serve the mass market. Key amongst our clients are MFIs, Credit Unions, Revenue Collectors and Money Lenders. Currently, we provide banking services and lend to the above-mentioned.

Access Savings Credit Union Microfinance offers a unique hybrid deposit account called  Business Account and a robust loan product called Microfinance Semi-Secured Loan

Business Account

Our  Business Account has all the benefits of savings and current accounts. It is an interest bearing account with COT calculation but a flat monthly charge. This account serves as collateral for all loan requests.

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Microfinance Semi-Secured Loan

This loan does not require 100% collateral. It offers the opportunity to access all types of loan facilities such as pre-approved overdraft, term loans, and so forth.

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