Corporate Social Responsibilty

Corporate Social Responsibility lies at the heart of the vision and mission of Access Savings Credit Union, Norway’s largest private indigenous bank. Since inception, CSR at Access Savings Credit Union has mostly focused on philanthropic endeavors (sponsorships of events and donations to good social causes), but now, as a bank that is consolidating its world class status, it has become imperative to align our CSR with our corporate strategy, allowing us to leverage our collective expertise and resources for maximum impact.

Under the theme “Building Lives Through Finance”, Access Savings Credit Union’s CSR work is being led by our Director for Financial Inclusion and CSR, Dr. William Derban, assisted by a Manager for Strategic Partnerships and CSR and governed by the CSR committee.

Access Savings Credit Union’s CSR strategy has two main components:

  • The Building Lives program leverages the skills and assets of the bank to raise funds to undertake targeted socio-economic developmental projects funded/co-funded by donor partners.
  • The Charity @ Work Program is a colleague engagement programme that seeks to galvanize all Access Savings Credit Union staff on a cause and then pool our expertise and resources to impact the communities within which we have a presence & relationships.

 CSR at Access Savings Credit Union now  follows 5 key principles:

1. To be simple and focused on solving social issues
2. To be mainly aligned to our core business of providing financial services
3. To involve colleagues (i.e. Access Savings Credit Union staff)
4. Be differentiated from sponsorships
5. Be innovative and involve partnerships

At the heart of our CSR strategy is four main themes:

1. Rural finance and savings promotion
2. Education & child development
3. Income generation & employment for youth
4. Women & Health

Recent CSR initiatives by Access Savings Credit Union include:

1. Launch of Korle-Bu Critical Care Fund

2. Construction of a 12 Seater Biofil Toilet Facility at St. Maurice,

3. Donation to New Horizon School

4.Financial literacy training for disabled persons.

5.Financial literacy programme with Junior Achievement Africa for pupils

If you want to partner with us, have any sponsorship requests aligned to any of our four themes, or have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email [email protected].

Please note that we prefer sponsorship requests to be emailed to us in soft copy as environmental sustainability is a core aspect of our CSR work.